About Us

How I became became interested in IV therapy.

Bogdan Popa, MD

In 1999 I finished residency training in anesthesia at Stanford University Medical Center and a year later became board certified in anesthesiology. Since then I have been practicing anesthesiology in California. I love my field of work. It’s hands on and packed with physiology and pharmacology. I interact with nervous patients right before surgery and make them feel comfortable, start IV’s, administer medications or anesthetic gases, alter the depth of consciousness, control blood pressure, heart rate and pain in real time. Nothing is more satisfying than having a previously nervous patient wake up completely comfortable after a procedure and hearing their comments on how good they feel and how surprised they are that everything is “already done”.

I LOVE being an anesthesiologist.

So what lead me become interested in a completely different field like nutrition, IV vitamins and Functional Medicine?

A few years ago, right after turning 40, I had a health problem that required an extensive battery of medical tests. It turned out there wasn’t much I could take in terms of “conventional” medicine, so I started learning a lot about vitamins and nutrients. My goal was to apply that knowledge to improve my own health.

This is when I encountered Ann Boroch, a naturopathic doctor, who further opened my eyes to a brand new way of looking at the basics of health, behavior patterns and the effect of food and stress on our lives.

During the course of my journey, my natural instincts as an anesthesiologist suddenly kicked in and I thought, “Why not administer IV vitamins and nutrients to myself. This should turn my deficiencies around, and I should notice results faster than taking nutrients orally.”

Since IV’s have the advantage of delivering 100% of those nutrients directly to my cells, I knew this method of delivery would be far more effective than oral supplementation. It would be like the difference between taking a pain medicine by mouth and waiting 30 minutes for it to kick in and giving an analgesic medicine via IV and watching it work within 2-3 minutes.

So I became my own patient. Sure enough IV nutrient therapy did help and became a part of my overall approach to treatment that included other modalities like diet, oral supplements and stress management.

This is how IV for Life was born. I realized I wanted to help others like me who needed to feel better quickly. As the years went by the scope of this small project grew into something far greater. I learned a lot about the broad applications of IV nutrients and added extensively to my own knowledge base by pursuing a fellowship in Functional Medicine.

This education confirmed what my gut instincts had lead me to believe earlier, a truth that is at the very heart of IV for Life. It is this…

“IV therapy is like the urgent care of Functional Medicine…it allows for an immediate effect while other dietary, lifestyle and supplement choices start to work on their own more slowly.

That is why I designed IV for Life to offer IV treatments that lead to immediate results. IV infusion therapy can help you recover quickly from a broad array of conditions from dehydration to headaches. It can help you maintain vibrant health for life. And it can even be used in the treatment of involved conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

IV therapy was a critical part of the my personal recovery, the science is solid, and it is my personal mission to provide as many people as I can the opportunity to take advantage of a treatment I believe is the best kept secret in medicine.

Mission Statement

IV infusions are great for achieving an immediate effect, feeling better and optimizing the moment. We are experts at IV’s and will always be here to help when you need us.

But we understand that you can’t always come in for an IV whenever you can’t sleep, feel fatigue or your boss upsets you.

So we are here to offer to you help with what happens between IV’s as well: Life.

Our Functional Medicine practitioners are experts in looking for clues in your symptoms and life story. They use sophisticated specialty laboratory testing to find out exactly what makes you… YOU! With metabolic, genetic, hormonal and immune testing we can get to the root of most issues which affect all of cell function and then point you to tools you can use to optimize and live your life with full energy, vitality and health.”

  • Board Certified Anesthesiologist

  • Institute for Functional Medicine – Member

  • Advanced IV Nutritional Therapy

  • IV for Life – Founder