Dr. Popa is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist practicing in the community since finishing residency training at Stanford Medical Center in 1999. In 2010 he founded IV for Life, an IV Therapy and Functional Medicine clinic in Orange County where he tests and treats patients with advanced IV Nutritional Therapy. "Patients want to feel better quickly... I think of IV nutritional therapy as the "Urgent Care" of Functional Medicine. Nourishing nutrients and vitamins delivered 100% directly into the circulation often give immediate and dramatic results while slower-acting lifestyle and dietary changes begin to exert their effect. It's a way to quickly get the ball rolling in the right direction again. "

Why Choose Core Med Science

Why Choose Core Med Science

Core Med Science uses the latest liposomal technology to provide high absorption for essential nutrients with historically low absorption potential. We also strive to bring to market nutrients backed by the latest scientific evidence, which can help boost overall your health and support your immune system. Get FREE delivery in the United States on all orders! Click for more info or to order:



NEW LABEL, SAME PRODUCT AS BEFORE. Liposomal Glutathione is the highest absorption form of this “master antioxidant”. Glutathione is extremely important in DNA synthesis, energy production and skin quality. When faced with higher amounts of stress from lack or sleep, poor dietary choices, alcohol ingestion, cigarettes or chronic illness, the body needs much higher levels…

Vitamin C
Vitamin CVitamin CVitamin C

Vitamin C

NEW LABEL: same product with new “China Free” Vitamin C sourced from Scotland (Quali-C). The benefits of Optimized Liposomal Vitamin C are almost endless and this strong antioxandant is needed to strengthen the immune system and to fight various illnesses. Optimal Lipsomal Vitamin C goes directly into your bloodstream. Vitamin C is important in collagen…


Tumeric is a spice used in curry giving it it’s yellow color. Tumeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years safely for a variety of conditions. Curcuminoids (Curcumins) are the most active component of Tumeric but only represents only about 3% of Tumeric by weight. Taking pure concentrated Curcuminoids, as in this…

AHCC Front
AHCC DescriptionAHCC Supplement FactsAHCC Front


AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an extract obtained from a hybridization of several species of mushroom mycelia. AHCC supports normal immune function and may improve the number and functions of immune system cells. Benefits of AHCC: In numerous human clinical trials AHCC has been shown to modify both the innate and adaptive immune response,…

Newport Beach *New

I designed IV for Life to offer IV treatments that lead to immediate results. IV infusion therapy can help you recover quickly from a broad array of conditions from dehydration to headaches. It can help you maintain vibrant health for life. And it can even be used in the treatment of involved conditions like chronic…

Sleep Mastery

Sleep Mastery Part 1 – How To Become A “Competitive” Sleeper

Sleep Mastery. If you could take a FREE pill that optimized your mood, hormones and weight…oh and that pill could also make you live longer with no side effects, would you take it? Of course you would, it’s a no-brainer. Well that “medicine” exists but it’s not a pill: it’s SLEEP. Now if only you could track, optimize and master sleep, you’ll be on your way to reaping all of it’s benefits!

Is NAD+ the "fountain of youth"

Is NAD+ the “fountain of youth”?

Aging is definitely not for me….so I’m using NAD+ as my new found “fountain of youth.”. I don’t like aging any more than the next guy and recently I’ve been noticing little reminders everywhere: not keeping up with the 20 year olds playing basketball at the gym, the soreness after a workout that lasts 3-4 days now, the fatigue that sets in earlier and earlier in the day and that irritable mood that comes more often now and colors everything in my life pessimistic.